Crafts, Cats and Crazy- holding on to sanity one stitch at a time.

Hello! I’m Megan, and welcome to my stumble through life. By some miracle, I’m a teacher, but when I’m not aggressively eyeballing whisperers in the back row, I’m living my best life with my sewing machine , a gentle giant, and a cat who, I’m fairly sure is clinically insane. Like mother, like daughter.

I’ve had depression, anxiety and IBS for some time now, and making things helps me to keep a lid on the crazy, so I’ve recently started an Etsy. Now, when Jim comes home and demands to know why the cat is covered in glitter, I can piously reply “it is for my art, my business” rather than ” I saw a thing on pinterest and now we have like, six of them”.

All served with a side order of feminism,plants, kale and F-bombs