This Week Yay and Nay

Firstly , apologies for the weird formatting on this post – we’re in Holland so I’m blogging on my phone while everyone else is asleep 🙂


My Mum

Mother has come to take care of the cat so we spent the day together before we left to acclimatise her to the house. She came out with such gems as “do you have heating?” and “How do I get in the bed?” She also bought a Red Cross worthy amount of food with her, as if everywhere outside of Surrey is a third world country . I love her but she’s mad


I am so in love with this city.

The Absolutist

So I was given this book by my dearest friend and I absolutely ploughed through it. In the long and short, it’s about pacifism and homosexuality in WW2 , and it gave me feelings and frustrations and a weird crush on the protagonist’s lover. I have a long history of being attracted to gay men  and book characters though so that’s no surprise . It was weird to wonder about if I’d have the courage to be an Absolutist in that situation or if I’d just start killing people …

Wild Wild Country

Flicked this on on a total whim and nearly joined a cult so be a bit careful. This Netflix documentary is about the Rajneeshis , a religious group who were accused of a fair bit of poisoning and conspiracy but also casually built a modern  and forward thinking city and society . It’s a weird one because you kind of walk away wondering whose side you’re on. If you’re going to go ahead and watch it, I have two words for you :blended beaver.

Spring and coffee

I would not have survived to see one, without the help of the other


The phrase “perfect for sharing”

Why does every packet of sweets larger than ten grams now have this phrase on it?! I’ll be the judge of how much is a sharing amount thanks! Stop food shaming me

Flesh coloured trousers

Every spring we have this debacle where women start wearing colours like peach and beige and I ALWAYS have this moment of thinking they’re naked – it’s particularly jarring on the lower half and I find myself raising my hand to my heart like a shocked Victorian gentlewoman . Give it up, peach and beige are shitty colours anyway. Surely there is something in your soul that is more purple or teal, or ruby red than fucking beige ?




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