This Week: Yay and Nay


Judge Aquilina and Larry Nasser’s survivors
It’s not often I’ll link to CNN (because of the Steubenville atrocity, which I just can’t ever get past that this happened, and here’s a full 10 page essay about how fucked up that is) but here is the full transcript of Aquilina’s sentencing, complete with video. Most news outlets are focussing on the fact that she said “ I just signed your death warrant” with enough sass to turn Medusa to stone, but actually there’s a full half hour monologue of why Nasser is a shit prior to that, so enjoy that this fine Sunday…

Typically, my stubbornness causes more harm than good, just ask Husband, but I’ve realised recently that I’d be a much worse teacher without it.

Me Time
Took myself on a little date earlier, it was great, read my book and ate some satay, then bought myself an ice cream, it was fabulous.

Jacket Potatoes in Winter
I’ve taken to finding excuses to go to greasy spoons and order jackets with three fillings because we don’t have a microwave, and we’ve never got coleslaw AND cheese AND beans in the house because I’m a disorganised food shopper. Then I sit there snuffling down my carbs and watching the continuous rain Britain Goddamn you


January in general
Ergh. Just no. Stop. Send help.

People who walk dogs with headphones in
Um, you have company, don’t be so damn rude.

Children with Umbrellas
Worse even than children in Heelies, randomly accelerating dangerously all over the show, are children with umbrellas. I very nearly got disemboweled several times today by the taller ones and I don’t even want to talk about the shorter ones. Why do tiny humans need umbrellas? Put the hood up – what are parents worried about?! Messing up their make-up before their big interview? Bloody ridiculous.

Loud Chewers
If you are one of these people whose chewing sounds like a large pair of balls bouncing off a wet window, please never eat in public. I HATE chewing noises. HATE THEM. I actually stood up and side-eyed a loud chewer today, then left with an angry tut. I remember my mum telling me to chew with my mouth closed, if you weren’t raised by wolves you should be able to manage it.

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