This Week: Yay and Nay


Brunch: I’ve realised I’m not a massive fan of breakfast, but brunch I can get on board with. Too often I have forced down a breakfast of a morning just to get some energy before work , I think business should halt at 11 and we all have an hour for brunch. maybe I’ve just been hanging out with the Spanish too much.

Pecans: Autumn/Winter is the season of putting-pecans-on-everything. You could put a pecan on an A-Bomb and I’d probably eat it, I love them, and when they join forces with maple syrup, phwoar *dribbles*.

Peaky Blinders: If someone had said to me last year “Oh, by the way, next year you’ll be super excited about watching handsome men murder people with hats” I’d have laughed right in their little face. peaky-blindersHowever, they would have been right. I just love me a tailored suit and the criminal underbelly of society. You know what I don’t love? Outside in November-why are you even asking if I want to watch the next episode, just play the season like a feature film, I’m not going anywhere…

End of Term: Absolutely crawling towards three weeks off. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I have no real plans and that in itself is a luxury. I love my job, but God give me strength I need a rest.


Jacob Reese-Mogg: traditonally, that which comes out, when you open your bowels, sould be worse than that which comes out when you open your mouth. He’s got his ends mixed up. zac20151_rgb

The Royal Wedding: If I had a “maybe” category between yay and nay, this might be better placed in that, but I don’t, and my prevailing feelings are negative. I like William and Harry more than the rest of the royal family, I feel they do actually earn their money to an extent and the good they do outweighs the bougie tendencies of their heritage, however, in the age of austerity, I just can’t. I just can’t. The ring cost the same as a house deposit. I.Just.Can’t.

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