This Week: Yay and Nay


  1. Stranger damn Things
    I have not been this excited about a show since , actually ever. “Megan” I hear you cry “it came out weeks ago, do you mean to tell me you only just finished it?!” Well yes, because I was literally so excited we could only do two episodes at a time and I stranger-things-5needed a full sabbatical before watching the finale, to adjust to the idea of it being over, and hydrate myself in preparation for the crying. Thankfully the creators had the sense to do a weaning show “Beyond Stranger Things” to get me through.Not to gush…but it has everything. I love Winona Ryder, she is of my time, the eighties aesthetic is ridiculously authentic, the references are on point, and watching the awesome kid characters clumsily finding out how to human is absurdly emotional. No spoilers, but Steve Harrington Babysitter is the most endearing thing I’ve ever witnessed
  2. Our Allotment
    So , two of my friends and I have just gone in on an allotment together. That’s right, an allotment. To grow our own vegetation. Yes it’s deep winter and our first trip up there will be to hack at the frozen ground and till the soil in preparation for growing season, maybe hug a few trees and put up a trellis, but after a long year on the waiting list, I am ready.
  3. Reading
    Outside is so revolting at the moment I’ve taken to watching Husband play Skyrim and pretending the TV is a window because I can’t actually bear to look outside and the graphics are prettier. Sinking into a good book takes the edge off; I’ve done 1984 and now I’m on Lady Chatterly’s lover (both of which I should have read during my degree, whoops) . 1984 was spectacular but D.H Lawrence is getting on my damn nerves a bit. It’s like I can hear his voice in my head too much , the author should be there, but not there (Death of the Author, for you literary types) and his agenda is too clear, it’s a bit like being punched in the brain by the twenties, but I shall persevere.


1. Christmas
It’s November you capitalist shits, calm your briches. It’s christmas-in-november-e1448733520327
literally been proven that too much Christmas music can decrease the IQ, and I cannot move in town already and all this premature Yuletide cheer keeps making me think the end of term is closer than it is.

2. Stranger Things Stalkers
I want to build the stranger things kids a log cabin in the woods to hide in sometimes, honestly. If it’s not horny adults making lecherous moves on minors, it’s Creepy McGoo dads waiting outside hotels to lick their faces or whatever. They’re kids, leave them be.

3. Hollywood Perverts
I am compiling two lists, one of them is “People I am Doubtless will soon be Outed as Sexual Terrorists” and “People who are Sacred and Pure and have no Allegations Against Them”. Because the whole damn world has gone mad.

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