So my recent crafty obsession is dancing around the kitchen singing “Be our Guest” and bashing out hundreds of candles. Some may say , I’ve gone too far, but those people have clearly never had the joy of playing with hot wax.

The candles are giving me a bit of a challenge on the eco-friendly front- I try to make almost everything without using raw materials if possible, so basically I’ve been recycling bits of candle and repurposing existing containers from charity/thrift stores and wicking and fragrancing them myself. I’ve become a weird house guest, because no-one expects to be asked “are you done with that candle?”

There are big lovely bags of wax pellets available in every colour , but that is not in the zero-waste spirit of my shop/life so I can now be found shaving, burning and smashing bits of candle all over the place. Never shaved a candle? You haven’t lived.

So far I’ve managed an excellent mango and passion fruit flavour, and a classic vanilla and lavender . I’m not into heavily scented cadles that smack you in the face as soon as you enter a room, but I’ve had no stink-disasters so far. A few scalding incidents and a lot of  animal noises whilst sloshing hot wax onto my bare flesh…oh and one very small fire, but it was totally worth it, checkout these babies:



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